Make Scheduling

Reimagine the way you plan and schedule activities. Stop planning based on your availability.

With Prdikt, you can design your day with the knowledge of your future capacity to perform.



Prioritise a holistic approach to boost your career

3 major factors determine your peak performance.

Optimised Sleep

Right Exercise level

Regular Mindfulness

Your daily Sleep, Exercise and Mindfulness (SEM) patterns influence your work performance. Take control of your professional life by optimising your routine and make scheduling worthwhile again. Work when appropriate, and refuel when you feel low.


Get the Most Personal Personal Assistant

Get 24-7 access to your own personal performance coach and wellness consultant all on your hand. Your PA knows you better than yourself, helping you to enhance your wellness and predict your capacity to perform.

Three Pillars of A-level Performance


Follow more consistent routines to feel better and increase energy levels. Scale your wellness and performance.


Execute important activities when your mental, cognitive and physical abilities are at their peak. Use phases of lowered performance to revitalise.


Without tangible results, it's easy to lose motivation. Leverage personal performance reports to boost your earning potential.



What's there for you?

Top performers consist of between 5%-15% of employees. Once they have been identified, employers frequently reward top performers to incentivise and retain them. Stay in the top 5%.

Prdikt precisely visualises your performance capacity enabling you to track your progress to percentage of changes, and challenges you to stay intrinsically motivated to achieve your greater results. Feel your Power.

Staying in your A-level state means you bring the most value to your team, your company and clients. By enhancing your mental, cognitive, and physical capabilities, you remain more focused and collaborative with colleagues and clients for extended periods. Influence others.