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The calendar is dead.
This is a new way to get 30%+* more done.
For Free.







Your Pure Return Per Month is:


Plus up to hours to enjoy your life

Make your own calculus:

Loss of hours per month due to outdated approach**


Value that Prdikt brings to you


Cost of new approach


We use fitness and wellness tech powered by artificial intelligence to skyrocket your productivity.

Prdikt takes all your meetings, tasks, activities, whatever and matches their importance to your predicted ability to execute them.

Do the right things at the right time. Simple.


The revolution of planning your day.

Know exactly what is the right time for the most critical activities.
Prdikt analyses your data and predicts productivity time slots
with a 97.5% confidence level, giving you a 30%* boost on productivity.

* Blake, M.J.F., 1967. Time of day effects on performance in a range of tasks. Psychonomic science ** Hours you spend on critical activities X twenty working days X 30 percent.