Feature 2: Productivity Coach

Unlock the best of yourself

Top-performing individuals know how to stay focused and creative all day long. The best of the best have personal productivity coaches.

Get coached on the areas that have the biggest influence on your daily performance.

Available 24 x 7 in your pocket. Always on at your disposal.

Helps to track your progress and observe the result. And feel better.

Gets analytics and wellness insights. Track your way to success.

Based on research from the top universities. Powered by science.

What you need to do? Follow the process and unlock your infinite energy and productivity potential.


Get coached

There are factors that influence your productivity the most. Find your personal best routines to stay ahead of any competition. Perform better.


See improvements

Monitor your key metrics and daily behaviors to understand which of them impacts productivity the most. Get insights on your progress.


Become an expert

Prdikt has filtered more than 300 scientifically proven ways to be productive. With coaching, learn the science behind the most powerful technology.

You get more done after a good night's sleep, not less. Get coached on that and other aspects.

The team at Prdikt has studied and filtered more than 300 of the best science sources including academic papers, meta analyses and studies. They are peer reviewed and from reputable universities.

There are factors in your life that affect your ability to perform well. Some of them are external like work environment, career development opportunities, processes and things usually out of your control. But those that influence your ability to be the most productive can be managed and improved.

Unlock yourself with Prdikt’s coaching — the most holistic way to improve all areas of your productivity. Monitor your sleep, mental and physical health and get coaching and personalised recommendations.

Take the guesswork out of your life with insights and analytics. The Prdikt app delivers personalised and actionable insights based on your unique data, daily patterns and goals.

Using the knowledge of how sleep, exercise, mindfulness and diet influence your ability to get more done in less time, we trained Prdikt’s coaching. It measures your daily patterns on SMED* so that you know how much you need and when.

Prdikt is so powerful that it can suggest the best timing for everything — exercise, meditation and more. It’s your personal coach that helps you to build your productivity habits and achieve your best days. All the time.