Feature 1: Revamped Calendar

Your productivity rocket

Throw out the old-school approach and use Prdikt to schedule your most productive days.

Prdikt analyses your daily patterns, predicts your future capacity to perform and shows you the exact time slots. Right in your calendar.

Become insanely productive. Know your future performance capacity and schedule activities based on that knowledge.

Work on the key milestones and meet with key people when your cognitive capacities are at their peak. Refuel during your dips.

The revolution in scheduling

Know the exact time slots when you are most alert and focused. Move high importance tasks to when you are most alert and skyrocket your productivity.


Available for any calendar

In one click, open preferred calendar app. See your Performance Capacity Prediction. Always schedule high importance tasks at a time when you are the most productive.


Sync your calendars

Combine your Gmail and Outlook calendars in the Prdikt app. Find your dips and peaks and schedule your activities in seconds.


Match the importance

Prdikt analyses your daily patterns and predicts your daily peaks and dips based on science. Match the importance of an activity with your ability to execute it.

Prdikt has been training its AI to be your best productivity tool.

To develop Prdikt’s Decision Intelligence calendar, we studied the most reliable academic sources about how different aspects of your life impact your productivity each day.

Hyperproductive people aren’t those who fill their days with minute by minute tasks. They are those who can prioritise each task and do the right things at the right time, performing them when their intellectual and physical capacities are at their peak.

They know what their key priorities are with meetings, tasks, projects and all other aspects of life. They protect their time by guarding huge chunks of time on their calendars for deep, focused work.

All those top 10 percent performers created comprehensive productivity and decision-making routines. They intuitively know when they are productive. Sometimes, their intuition is right, but it can also be wrong.

Using the knowledge of how sleep, exercise, mindfulness and diet influence your ability to get more done in less time, we trained Prdikt’s algorithms. They consider the importance of your activities, matches that with your capacity to perform and assures that you will always focus on the most important ones.

Consider that it’s your personal assistant. It helps you to live by all of the proven productivity of science.

Prdikt is so powerful that it can suggest the best time for everything — meeting with a key client, analytical tasks, decision-making and more. Moreover, it can work with activities like running, walking and mindfulness to immediately prepare you for the next moonshot. All that for just 50 cents a day.